FloorX’s fundamentally different and patented way of sensing in combination with our advanced data analysis software (“Sencorsoft”), allows us to track presence information and behaviors of people and objects in near real time.

Upload floorplans and furniture locations

For easy monitoring, floorplans and furniture locations can be uploaded in Sencorsoft. Each application can have multiple FloorX units. Sencorsoft, based on the coordinates, orientation, fixed position relative to its surroundings and size of each unit combines all into a single “coordinated smart space or building”.

Set your own triggers and parameters

Sencorsoft allows you to define "zones" to which you can assign triggers that create events. A zone might be multiple FloorX units, a single unit, part of a unit or no unit at all. Via a drop-down menu you can set your own parameters, like timing, frequency as to how and when these triggers should function.

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Accurate and fast scanning.

Sencorsoft scans and collects, of each of the 340/380 or more sensing points per square yard/meter its coordinates, pressure and time of occurrence. It does so several times per second. It allows Sencorsoft to establish an individual’s unique footprint and follow individuals over large surfaces with an unmatched accuracy.

Advanced algorithms

Sencorsoft runs several advanced algorithms in near real time, providing insight as to how many people are where at any given time and how they are moving.

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Central local data processing

Sencorsoft allows the controller of each individual FloorX unit to automatically connect wirelessly to a central processing unit which combines all into a single coordinated space. The unit collects the raw data and runs the same through our algorithms. Doing so locally and in near real time allows buildings and end-users to react immediately.

Cloud and non-cloud based storage

Processed data is stored locally for up to 24 hours after which it is send to the cloud for storage, further processing or historic review.

Different types of data

Information gathered only becomes knowledge and as such valuable in the hands of someone who knows what to do with it. We understand that more value can be created by adding non-floor related data or offering our data as input for third party software systems and platforms. We therefore offer several types of data:

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Raw data:

Raw or unprocessed data allow software developers and platforms to create their own algorithms and run or create their own analysis software. We will supply coordinates, pressure and time stamps.

Processed data:

Our advanced algorithms translate our raw data into actionable data for near real-time and historical access. Our processed data provides insight as to how many people are where at any given time and how they are moving. Information that can be used as input for existing software and platforms.

End-user data:

For several applications, we developed, alone or in close cooperation with our partners end-user software where FloorX automatically reports to an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to quickly analyze and monitor behavior anytime, anywhere.

Custom interfaces.

Upon requests we can develop end users’ applications, interfaces and solutions with or without integration of third party APIs.