Industry Test Certifications

FloorX can be installed under a variety of commercial floor finishes including, but not limited to, carpet, wood, vinyl, tile and even epoxy flooring. It is seamless and flat while its functionality, characteristics and ease of installation are very like standard underlayment.

We also partnered with leading manufacturers to embed our technology in a full range of floor and entrance mats in all kinds of shapes, patterns and colors for a variety of applications and industries. Approved for dry, wet, and slippery applications and, if required, with outstanding ergonomic, safety, and anti-fatigue benefits.

More importantly, FloorX passed all industry required essential tests like the British spill, 10.000 impact, Surface flammability and Critical Radiant Flux tests which allows it to be installed under commercial floor finishes and embedded in mats.

Water Pen Test
Critical Radiant Flux
Surface flammability
British Spill Test