In today’s modern world of all things being connected, we simply expect a building to adjust itself to our needs. To do so, it needs to understand where people are and how they are moving.

FloorX offers just that. The fundamentally different and patented way of sensing in combination with advanced algorithms and data analysis software allows us to track presence information and behaviors of people and objects in near real time.

FloorX understands its surroundings.

Each application can have multiple FloorX units, each of which will have its own coordinates, orientation, fixed position relative to its surroundings and size. This allows us to combine all units into a single “coordinated smart space or building”. For easy monitoring of the entire space, floorplans and furniture locations can be uploaded in our software.


We can define zones and trigger events.

Within a smart space, we define "zones" to which we assign triggers that will create an event. A zone might be multiple FloorX units, a single unit, part of a unit or no unit at all. FloorX simply understands where you are. It also understands that when you leave a zone you can only have gone one place i.e. the bathroom. Not all areas necessarily require a FloorX unit.


Zeros out fixed objects (furniture, walls etc.)

FloorX offers 100% flexibility in terms of floor layout and changes thereof. All items on a floor like couches, tables, chairs, beds and even partitions generate a certain pressure. By calibrating the floor with these in place, FloorX understands what is normal and will monitor changes in pressure. Even people or objects on a chair or bed will be noticed.


Easy to install under a variety of floors, no connected tiles & strips

FloorX is ultra-thin (1/32”, 0.80mm) and can be installed under a variety of commercial floor finishes including, but not limited to, carpet, wood, vinyl tile and even epoxy flooring. It is seamless and flat while its functionality, characteristics and ease of installation are very like standard underlayment.


Installation of its large flexible, currently up to 11’ x 32’ (3.35 x 9.75m), custom or standard units does not require specific skills or tools, nor does it involve connecting or clicking together individual units. It can be simply rolled-out and if needed easily adjusted on site to follow the contour of a space in both wet and dry areas.

FloorX material
Floor built-up

Unique patented 3D system (length, width & pressure)

FloorX has 340/380 or more sensing points per square yard/meter. Our sensing points estimate a foot's width, length, stride and pressure, creating a kind of 3D footprint which enables us to follow individuals over large surfaces with an unmatched accuracy.

System Set-up

Central control, no daisy chained multiple connections

The controller of each FloorX unit automatically connects wirelessly to a central processing unit which combines all into a single coordinated space. Not having to connect or daisy chain individual controllers reduces installation time and eliminates installation mistakes. It also creates a very stable and reliable floor that allows for building movement without the risk of connections coming loose.


Passed required essential industry tests

Sensing or smart floors need to pass the same tests as standard underlayment to be installed underneath a variety of commercial floor finishes. FloorX passed all the essential and industry-required tests, like the British spill, 10.000 impact, Surface flammability and Critical Radiant Flux tests.


How it’s made

FloorX, is a flexible, laminated-layer made of the most wear-resistant engineered polymer encapsulated in a spun bond non-woven material that is used in many flooring underlayment currently on the market.


Through our partnership with Fabric Sources International we designed an extremely durable waterproof system, perceived as “best in class” by the flooring industry in terms of performance, flexibility and reliability. In a fully automated process we can produce thousands of square yards/meters of base material allowing us to scale up quickly when needed.

FloorX production-min

Embedded in a variety of mats

We partnered with leading manufacturers to embed our technology into a full range of mats in all kinds of shapes, patterns and colors for a variety of applications and industries. Approved for dry, wet, and slippery applications and, if required, with outstanding ergonomic, safety, and anti-fatigue benefits.

mat pricture