Our Story

Gravity holds us

to the surface of the Earth

We use that natural force to detect

presence, location, movement and direction

of people and objects in real time

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What is a Smart Building?

The first buildings ever constructed were primitive shelters.

While they hardly resembled the steel and glass that make up a modern city skyline, these early structures had the same purpose

- to provide a comfortable space for the people inside.

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So we created this unique product


We even gave it a name

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VERY Accurate Physical Data Source

That All building elements can make use of.

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What makes our Hardware unique?

  • Easy to install, no connected tiles & strips
  • Central control, no daisy chained multiple connections
  • Installed under a variety of floor finishes
  • Embedded in a variety of mats


  • Unique patented 3D system (length, width & pressure)
  • Passed required industry tests
  • Also detect presence of objects
  • Zeros out fixed objects (furniture, walls etc.)

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What makes our Software unique?

  • Upload floorplans and furniture locations
  • Set your own triggers and parameters
  • Accurate and fast scanning.
  • Advanced algorithms

  • Central local data processing
  • Cloud and non-cloud based storage
  • Different types of data (Raw, Processed & End-user data)
  • Custom interfaces.

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